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Corporate Partner in Theatre
Education Program

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Theatre Boosters is honored that you are considering our Corporate Partner in Theatre Education Program. This program is designed to build your business while offering a fundraising opportunity for our department. Despite budget cuts at the federal and state level, the DA Theatre Boosters will always be committed to meeting the needs of our students and staff, but we could not achieve this goal without the ongoing support of local businesses.

In the spirit of community, we can help support each other in a variety of ways. The Corporate Partner in Theatre Education Program grants your business an amazing opportunity to reach hundreds of audience members, parents, students, and faculty members. There are four different levels of partnership: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Each level comes with different marketing opportunities and benefits (see attached partnership paperwork). The DA Theatre Boosters have also included “title” sponsorship opportunities for our 5 main productions of the school year. PLEASE NOTE, “title” sponsorships will first be available to our Diamond and Platinum Partners until August 31st. At that time, these opportunities will become available to ALL partners based on availability. All “title” sponsorships must be confirmed and approved by the Partner in Theatre Education Chair prior to sending in your agreement form and check.

As we prepare for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, DA Theatre is excited and ready to welcome community business partners to campus (please see the attached calendar of events for the upcoming school year). We hope you will take full advantage of the face-to-face interactions with our staff, our parents, and other local business leaders.

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