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Enrichment Fee Information

Payment Deadline is November 1st

The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Enrichment Fee program is critical to bridging the gap between public school funding and the educational tools needed to provide the specialized level of training of a performing arts school. Every arts area within DA has an enrichment fee to support each student’s individual arts area. Fees are used to maintain the Theatre Department’s curriculum, to provide exceptional opportunities in learning, and to support and celebrate all our students as they progress through their high school experience. The DA Theatre Enrichment Fee, which is paid annually, is for the benefit of all theatre students throughout their four years at DA.


The Annual Theatre Department Enrichment Fee due November 1st is as follows:









Musical Theatre
Performance Theatre
Technical Theatre


(PAY BY 9/30)


*Please note that siblings in Theatre receive a 50% discount.

(i.e. if Jane in Performance and Mary in Tech are sisters, the family enrichment fee is $225 + $125 (not $250)


Payment Options

While the Theatre Department relies heavily on these fees to fill funding gaps, we understand that full financial support may not be possible for your family. It takes the whole village to make this program an exceptional experience for our students. Please consider these additional options to fulfill the Enrichment Fee requirement:

1) Take advantage of early payment and receive $25 early bird discount if paid in full by September 30.

2) Participate in department fundraisers (Poinsettia sales, program ads) and receive a portion of sales as credit towards your Enrichment Fee.

3) Volunteer! Every Booster volunteer shift fulfilled by a student or parent is worth $20 of Enrichment Fee credit.

4) Email confidentially to make alternative or payment plan arrangements.

Custom Payments

If you need to make a payment for an amount that is not already predefined (examples - Enrichment Fee 50% off sibling discount, Enrichment Fee Payment Plans, etc.) please click on the button below. Be sure to include a note at checkout to let us know who/what the payment is for. 

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