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Apply to Volunteer with DCPS

To ensure student safety, school volunteers must complete an application & undergo a criminal background screening, free of charge. Designated school staff will verify volunteer clearance using an online process. Please click the button to complete the volunteer application. It must be updated every TWO years.

How Do I Get Involved with Theatre Boosters?
There are many ways in which you can specifically help the Theatre Department. The extent and capacity of the support you provide is up to you! Volunteer for a leadership or committee role that caters to your availability. There is a place for everyone that is willing to help!

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Attend Theatre Booster meetings – see Calendar for dates

Notify Boosters of any changes to student/parent/guardian email, address, and/or phone numbers by emailing

Depending on your availability, you can either express interest in a leadership role, join a committee under one of the leadership roles, or sign up to volunteer for general needs:

Work the concession or merchandise tables at performances (contact VP of Fundraising)

Distribute posters around town/sell ads for our playbill (contact VP of Show Support)

Share your talents/networking! Do you have skills to put a playbill together or enhance our website? Do you own a catering, printing company, or a business where we can leverage services? We welcome you to volunteer your ideas and offer your services in your area of expertise.

Help setup/serve food/cleanup/break down for Patron dinners (typically the first Friday night of each performance (contact VP of Events & Hospitality)

Donate/help serve food items for our Cast and Crew feedings (usually occur on tech week of the show’s opening and is held after school)

Help with the Silent Auction by soliciting items for the event. (Typically held during the Fall Musical.)


Donate items for concessions to sell during our productions and showcase:

  • Value packages of candy (chocolate bars/M&Ms, sour candies are popular items)

  • Cases of Pepsi products ONLY, such as Aquafina water, Diet/Regular/Zero Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Seaman’s Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist

  • Bottled water (any brand) for student rehearsals (not to sell)

  • Place an Amazon order for any item above and ship it directly to the school!

  • Please bring your donations to any Booster meeting or deliver to the front office and MARK FOR THEATRE BOOSTERS. You can also bring the items 1 hour before each show to the concessions table.

Please volunteer for theatre shows with your student (this qualifies for volunteer hours!!)

Support and attend events sponsored by other arts areas – the talent is amazing!

Stress and support academic performance and student involvement at DA.

Support your student’s specialized education by staying current with your enrichment fee.

Be actively involved in your student’s education and participation in the shows.


FREQUENTLY check your email, the DA Booster website, and the Booster social media outlets.

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