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2021 district thespians

Congratulations to all of our Thespian Participants!


WHERE: Creekside High School


WHEN: November 20th


HOW: We will be taking two buses to Creekside High School. All students will meet at DA and board the bus. NO STUDENT MAY MEET US AT CREEKSIDE. We will arrive together and leave together.


TIME: Plan to arrive at DA early, most likely between 6:30 am and 7:00 am. The time will be specified at a later date. We will arrive back to DA around 10:00 pm, and we will have students text parents when we leave Creekside and/or throughout the evening, so you have a better idea of when pickup will be.


COST: All students participating in the District Festival must pay a registration fee. The fee is based on how many events in which the student participates. One event = $35. Two events = $40. Three events =$45. A student may not participate in more than three events, excluding being in someone’s choreography or directing piece. If they are in someone’s directing or choreography piece: they do not have to pay. The Director or Choreographer is being adjudicated; hence they are responsible for their own registration fee.

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