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Awards & Accolades



Every year thousands of performing, visual and literary artists age 15-18 apply to YoungArts national competition. Winners are chosen for their caliber of artistic achievement by esteemed discipline-specific panels of artists through a rigorous blind adjudication process. 


They are awarded in three categories: Finalist, Honorable Mention and Merit. Honorable Mention winners receive a monetary award of $250. Merit winners receive a monetary award of $100.


DA had two Honorable Mentions: Camille Faustino (Visual Arts), and Trinity Quinto (Pop Vocal Performance) and six Merit Winners; Maurice Chakour (Jazz/Guitar), Giovanni Martinez (Jazz/Trumpet), Ryan James (Film), Jessie Doherty (Theatre), Samantha Nelson (Theatre), and Gianna Yaccino (Modern-Contemporary).


The DA Theatre Boosters are very proud of Trinity, Jessie and Samantha and all of the DA winners!



DASOTA received many awards for the regional Applause Awards for "A CHORUS LINE!" This is a regional competition with 25 high schools in the Orlando/Central Florida area. (As of this year, DA is grandfathered in to participate as there is no Northeast Florida division). 


Outstanding Musical

Outstanding Director

Outstanding Musical Director

Outstanding Choreographer

Outstanding Orchestra


Samantha Nelson, Christina Dyches,

Nina Simone Diaz, Sirena de la Rosa

Outstanding SUPPORTING

PERFORMER: Auggie Pulliam, Abigail

Douglas, Alanna Carter

Outstanding Actor: Catherine Tetzlaff

Outstanding Sound Design: Rick

Painter & Roland Murwin

Outstanding Stage Management: Emilee Hall & Jaylin Cotton

Outstanding Lighting Design: Maya Vazquez & Jennifer Kilgore

Outstanding Ensemble

These performers had the honor of performing at the Applause Awards at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando on June 4th. DA swept the Outstanding Lead Performer awards with Sirena de la Rosa named 1st runner-up and Samantha Nelson winning overall!


Congrats everyone! 


Read more about the Applause Awards Program.



🖤 105 Students participating

🖤 Most Giving Troupe Award


🥇 Critic’s Choice - Pantomime - Anyse Martin & Lucien Martin

🥇 Critic’s Choice - Monologue - Emmie Collins

🥇Critic’s Choice - Large Group Musical - Mama Who Bore Me

🥇Critic’s Choice - Choreography - Christina James Dyches

🥇Critic’s Choice - Student Directing - Madeleine Scotti

🥇Critic’s Choice - Small Group Musical - On Broadway

🥇Critic’s Choice - Duet Musical A - DJ DeJesus and Brennan Mitchell

🥇Critic’s Choice - Duet Musical B - Sofia Rodriguez and Zayne Thomie

🥇Critic’s Choice - Solo Musical A - Samantha Nelson

🥇Critic’s Choice - Solo Musical B - Jhalena Sulcer


🥈 Critic’s Choice Alternate - Duet Musical A - Miles Melanson & Brooke Little

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Duet Musical B - Jessica Barone & Brian Davis

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Scenic Design - Ava Geiger

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Ensemble Acting - Lavari-Ay Ray, Lily Robison, Jessie Doherty, Emmie Collins

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Student Directing - Versailles Harrell-Henry

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Solo Musical B - Abigail Douglas

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Large Group Musical - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Choreography - Samantha Nelson

🥈Critic’s Choice Alternate - Publicity - Maya Vazquez


⭐️ 1st Runner-Up Overall - Performance - Pantomime - Anyse Martin & Lucien Martin

⭐️ 1st Runner-Up Overall- Technical - Choreography - Christina James Dyches

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