What is Fair Share?

 As outlined in the parent/student contract of the audition packet, every DA student is responsible for a specified amount to supplement the needs of his/her own ARTS department.

Why do we need Fair Share? Don’t my tax dollars cover “arts” programs?

Regrettably, your tax dollars do not fully cover the needs of a performing arts school. Fair Share helps to cover department expenses, guest artists, supplies, scholarships, Thespian, State and District events, and offset some production costs.

How much is the Theatre Department Fair Share amount?

The Fair Share amount for the 2018‐2019 school year for Theatre Performance and Theatre Tech Students is $200.00.

For freshman Musical Theatre Students, fair share is $250.00.

Fair Share for sophomore, junior and senior Musical Theatre Students is $300.00 (which includes a $50 class accompaniment fee).

 How is Fair Share Satisfied?

There are three ways to satisfy your fair share:

  • Payment of full fair share amount, via cash, check or online credit card payment,
  • Fund raising opportunities offered by the Theatre Booster. This option was designed to minimize a family’s out of pocket expense and to encourage the students to “earn” their Fair Share.
  • A combination of fund raising and a payment for the balance.

What happens if I have more than one student in Theatre?

For families with more than one student enrolled in the Theatre Department, the annual Fair Share for the first student shall be the full amount of fair share, and for siblings 50 percent of the fair share. The Fair Share amount for students enrolling in the second semester of the school year shall be 50 percent of the full fair share.

What if my student transfers to another art area?

Fair Share does not follow your student.

 What if I can’t pay my student’s Fair Share?

 If you are not financially able to pay your student’s Fair Share, you must discuss this with a Theatre Department chair or a member of the Theatre Boosters Board.

 Can Fair Share Rollover?

  • Students may rollover any overage above the current Fair Share agreed for that year to the next year.
  • Each year the student’s Fair Share must be paid. If a student does not pay their Fair Share, the debt will be rolled over to the next year and their Fair Share will be the amount due for that current year and the past due from the previous year(s). Penalties may include withholding of final report card.
  • A student may assign their overage to another student in need in the Theatre Department.
  • A student may use their overage of Fair Share for that year to pay for student booster sponsored events, District and State Thespian events. To do this, the Treasurer must be informed by writing before the event.

 How do I pay my student’s fair share?

 Fair Share money may be paid by check, money order or credit/debit card.

  • Checks/money orders should be made out to: DA Theatre Boosters. Please write the student’s first and last name on the check and indicate that it is for Fair Share. Fair Share money may either be mailed or hand delivered by your student(s).
  • If you are mailing the Fair Share please address the envelope to: DA Theatre Boosters, P.O. Box 10471, Jacksonville, FL 32247
  • Credit/debit card payments can be made online at www.datheatreboosters.org/make-a-payment/.
  • For hand‐delivered payments, the cash, check, or money order should be placed in a sealed envelope with the name of your student and a notation of Fair Share written on the outside of the envelope. It should be deposited in the Theatre Boosters locked drop box (“the Gold Box”), located on the wall between the Black Box Theatre and the Technical Theatre Shop.
  • Statements of Fair Share payment status will be sent to students at intervals throughout the year.

If you would like an immediate receipt of payment, please include a selfaddressed,
stamped envelope with your Fair Share payment.

 All students must have on file a Fair Share Student Agreement form by September 28, 2018.






TOTAL Annual Theatre Department FAIR SHARE:

Theatre Students (Performance/Technical Theatre) $200

Freshman Musical Theatre Students $250

Sophomore, Junior, Senior Musical Theatre Students $300


Online Payments

Please choose an option below, or for partial payments, please enter the amount in the text box below the menu.

Please be sure to enter your student’s name so that your student’s account is credited properly, and your email address in case we have any questions.

2018-19 Fair Share Payment
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Please contact us in writing at datheatreboosters@gmail.com by Thursday, September 27, 2018, if you need to make payment plan arrangements. We are happy to work with you; however, we do need you to contact us directly. You may make installment payments at any time to assist you in meeting the January 31, 2019 full payment deadline.

Debt List: The debt list for fair share will be posted on the theatre boards by February 1, 2019, for any student who has not paid in full and does not have a written payment plan in place and in good standing.

To assure your student remains in good standing, please submit Fair Share payments as scheduled. Failure to maintain good standing will restrict your student’s ability to participate in theatre functions during school or sponsored by DA Theatre Boosters.