Theatre Boosters Committee Responsibilities

Box Office: VP Ops

Prepare tickets, take reservations, sell tickets, and provide ushers for theatre-sponsored events. Typical usher shifts are a three-hour block of time, from one hour prior to curtain until the end of intermission. Ticket sales shifts are generally from 11-1 during school the week of a show, and may also be after school. This committee also works to handle message on the DA box office phone line. Our goal is to have tickets available for sale two weeks prior to a show, and there is an online payment mechanism for pre-purchase of tickets. Box office shifts for show nights are typically one hour.

Cast & Crew Meals: VP Events and Hospitality

Solicit donations for meal (in the past the chair determined the theme of the meal as well). Coordinate volunteers to set up, serve and clean up. Cast and crew feedings occur once for each of the 5 shows of the season. Time commitment for volunteers can range from 1-4 hour shifts.

Coffee Bar: VP Merchandise Sales

Set up, break down, and sell coffee bar items for theatre-sponsored events. Maintain dry goods inventory, and coordinate donations of baked goods.

College Night: VP Membership and Educational Support

Coordinate with SE regional schools to come to DA for an evening event to include meal (for college representatives) followed by College Fair and panel discussion. In the past 8-10 colleges have participated. All theatre students are welcome to attend.

Concessions: VP of Merchandise Sales

Set up, break down and sell concessions for theatre-sponsored events. The concessions chair is responsible for ordering, purchasing or soliciting donations for items to be sold before and during intermission at all theatre performances and events (such as orientation, open house, auditions). The committee is also responsible for recruiting and assigning theatre booster parents to set up and dismantle the concession table at these performances and events.  Maintain inventory for concessions and communicate donation needs to Booster Secretary. Volunteers working a theatre performance are committing to a three-hour block of time, approximately one hour before the performance until the end of intermission).

Fundraising: VP Fundraising

The chair of the fundraising committee is responsible for organizing and delegating the fundraising activities of the Theatre Boosters organization. The committee will develop fundraising plans, enlist additional volunteers and for the specific fundraising events and coordinate related activities. Booster Secretary assists with communication within the organization.

Promotional Items: VP Merchandise Sales

Set up, break down, and sell concession items for theatre-sponsored events. Maintain inventory, coordinate with Booster Vice-President to replenish stock.

Patron Program: VP Operations

Work with the Fundraising team to market the patrons program to encourage participation. Communicate with Patrons regarding ticket orders, parking, reception, and additional benefits. Coordinate with Box Office chair for ticket reservations.

Patron Reception: VP Events and Hospitality

Arrange a patron reception, including obtaining food/beverages, for each of the shows, (1 reception per show, typically on Friday night). Ensure delivery of patron amenities.

Publicity: VP Marketing and Publicity

Provide area media outlets with press release information for theatre performances and fundraising events. In the past the chair also provided photos from rehearsals to media sources. Committee members would assist the chair as necessary, especially with ensuring posters/fliers are distributed in the community. The publicity chair can involve approximately 3 to 5 hours per month depending on the number of activities involved for that particular month. Committee members, depending on their assignment, would invest 1 to 3 hours per month, again depending on the number of performances and/or events.

Scholarship Awards: VP Membership and Educational Support

Each year the Boosters awards scholarships to deserving students. The awarded amount varies based on our budget.  The Scholarship committee coordinates the application and selection process, and ensures that eligible students are aware of requirements and deadlines for application. This committee typically meets in the late spring and involves a limited time commitment. Senior parents are not eligible for this committee.

Senior Dinner: VP Events and Hospitality

Coordinate this end-of-year event for graduating seniors and their families. Includes arranging for venue, caterer, food, rentals, decor, and recruiting volunteers to assist with set up. Typically selected juniors assist at the event (serving and cleaning up).

Silent Auction: VP Fundraising

Coordinate the annual silent auction fundraiser, and any other auction activities throughout the year.

Freshman/New Student Welcome Reception: VP Events and Hospitality

The day of freshman orientation, a welcome reception is held immediately following orientation. The reception is to be held in the DA cafeteria, and is a mixer for incoming freshmen and new students to meet their senior buddies, as well as new parents to meet theatre faculty and the Booster board.