Theatre Boosters Committee Responsibilities


Show Support

  • Box Office (ticket management, sales at school and before shows, box office phone line)
  • Procurement (help directors obtain materials for shows)
  • Artwork and printed materials (posters, ticket design)
  • Show Program (editor, design, advertisements, printing)
  • Photography (for shows and other activities, share with Marketing, framed photo collage for wall)
  • Cast and Crew Meals (including rehearsals if needed, plan, solicit food donations, set up, serve, clean)


Sales and Fundraising

  • Merchandise Sales (inventory, order, sell items at shows and special events)
  • Concessions Sales (inventory, request donations, sell items at shows and special events)
  • Coffee Bar (inventory, request donations, sell at shows and special events)
  • Silent Auction (plan event, solicit gifts/donations, set up, check out – held during Fall Musical)
  • Poinsettia Sales (promote, place order, pick up, distribute, opportunity to earn Fair Share)
  • General Fundraising (plan, organize and conduct any additional fundraising needed)
  • Mudville Grille events (work with restaurant on dates, promote, recruit students for A/V)



  • Marketing & Publicity of shows (news releases, media interviews)
  • Social Media (Facebook page)
  • Email and Text (Constant Contact, Remind)
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Meeting Minutes/Secretary



  • Annual Budget (develop and manage)
  • Collect, deposit and track all money
  • PayPal Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Credit card management
  • Fair Share Management and Reporting
  • Thespians Collection and Reporting



  • Patron Management (recruitment, activate/manage benefits)
  • Patron Dinners/Receptions (set up, flowers, decorations, clean up)


  • Scholarships (can’t be senior parent, identify committee, update forms, promote opportunity, interview students, make decisions, work with treasurer to ensure payment made to college)
  • Guest Artists (work with faculty to obtain details, contact artist, schedule travel and make arrangements, provide welcome basket, coordinate lunch or food on campus during visit)
  • College Preparation
    • Host sessions for seniors and juniors to help prepare for college and college auditions (may be a type of college night)
    • Coordinate with faculty and Gotham to plan and schedule headshots session
    • Work with faculty to determine dates for video and other requirements for student submission to Young Arts and college pre-screen auditions
    • Coordinate with videographer to film students
    • Serve as point of contact for Unifieds senior auditions, work with faculty to book studios and coordinate travel
  • Senior Dinner/Banquet (identify a date and location, invitation, senior gift, food/beverage, decorations, work with faculty on program)
  • Freshman Welcome Reception (work with faculty on date/time/location, identify caterer, invitation, decorations, volunteers, program)
  • Incoming Freshman Reception (plan and manage reception and meeting for incoming freshman at the end of the year)



  • Food Donations (develop request letter, identify places to ask, ask for donations, coordinate delivery or pick up, work with committees to determine amount)
  • Forms (work with faculty and administration to fill out school approval forms, track progress)
  • Volunteer Management
    • Recruit and schedule volunteers for shows, dinners, meals, donations, etc.
    • Use Sign Up Genius
    • Keep running list of parents who have offered to help for personal contact
    • Work with school to ensure that all parents have registered as volunteers
  • Extravaganza Support (coordinate volunteers and food/beverage needs for students who perform and tech at Extravaganza)
  • Miscellaneous



  • Work with faculty to coordinate all aspects of troupe participation in District and State Thespians festivals and competitions (hotel, transportation, food/beverage, chaperones, etc.)


We are always looking for parents and caregivers to volunteer their time for any of these committees. Please reach out to a member of the Leadership Team to express your interest in serving. Thank you!