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Enrichment Fee Acknowledgement Form

Once this form is completed, signed and submitted your student will receive their DA Theatre jacket and water bottle. If you have any questions or difficulties with this form, please contact


1st Student's Grade
1st Student's Theatre Track
2nd Student's Grade
2nd Student's Theatre Track


Please enter Student 1's jacket style prefence
Please enter Student 2's jacket style prefence

Please enter your student's jacket size.  This will be the only Booster paid jacket for your student's high school career.  If you feel your student is still growing, you may choose to size up now or purchase a new jacket later.

Student 1 Jacket Size
Student 2 Jacket Size


Parent/Guardian please sign document below using your mouse.  

In doing so, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the definition of the Enrichment Fee, what it is used for, and your options for fulfilling this obligation.

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