who are da theatre boosters?

The Theatre Booster organization is a volunteer group of Theatre parents, like you, that share the mutual interests of our children and the desire to help them grow and prosper in their arts area. If you are the parent or caregiver of a theatre student, you are a Booster!


Our students are incredibly fortunate to have the caliber of professional educators guiding them, but without strong parent support & involvement, the department cannot thrive. As a volunteer Theatre Booster, you will be instrumental in the success of the Theatre Department.


The financial resources provided by the Booster members (through Fair Share, Patrons, etc.) are critical to the department’s ability to offer the enhanced arts experiences that DA students receive. You will learn more about them in this packet. The public school system does not financially support the supply needs for the Musical/Technical/Performance Theatre intensive level studies. With added curriculum throughout the Theatre department this year, it’s more important than ever that we have your support. Class supplies (i.e., monologues, paint/building materials, guest artist masterclasses/workshops, accompanist, etc.) are all paid for through the Booster account.


Booster meetings are held throughout the year on the dates listed on the Calendar section of this packet. The meetings provide an opportunity to get to know what’s happening in the department and to interact with faculty & other parents. We will advise of any changes to meetings in advance via our social media outlets. In order to communicate effectively with each of you, it is imperative that we have your correct Contact Information (we rely on your address/email/cell phone/etc.) which can be submitted via our website: Contact Form.


We also encourage you and your student to join our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date with the latest information. We also provide monthly newsletters and any questions can be directed to our email: datheatreboosters@gmail.com