2020-2021 district thespians

Congratulations to all of our Thespian Participants!


Congratulations to those students selected to represent DA Theatre at the 2020 International Thespian Society Regional Thespian Festival! There are some big changes this year; namely, that the Festival will be all virtual this year!

What this means: students and groups will be recording their individual events (IEs) and uploading them to a digital platform. The judges will adjudicate each piece remotely and the student will receive feedback, scores, and honors for their work.

Because of the new virtual platform, the District has expanded to include additional Districts in the State. We will now be submitting our work alongside young actors from other regions that we had not previously worked with, including Central Florida. There will be no day passes this year.


Registration allows each student to view any piece from any category from any region in the State. Families may share in this viewing. It also gives the students the opportunity to participate in virtual Masterclasses during the Festival, as well. More info on Masterclasses will be given when we have.

All students participating in the District Festival must pay a registration fee. The fee is based on how many events in which the student participates. One event = $35. Two events = $40. Three events =$45. A student may not participate in more than three events, excluding being in someone’s choreography or directing piece.

Many groups have already begun to schedule afterschool rehearsals for their pieces. They must get prior permission from a Theatre Department Faculty member to supervise them afterschool. Rehearsals must also follow DCPS guidelines regarding social distancing and safety protocols. If you have any questions about afterschool rehearsals, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Registration fees and signed paperwork must be turned in by the student on October 6th. Ms. Harrison, Dr. Anthony and Mr. Kemper will be available during all three lunches on the back porch of the MT Room to collect. Late submissions will not be accepted.

We are very excited about the Festival this year! Please feel free to reach out to a Theatre Department Faculty member with questions!