There are many ways in which you can specifically help the Theatre Department. We can do it. You can help. There is a place for you:

  • Attend Theatre Booster meetings – see the dates listed in this packet
  • Notify Boosters of any changes to student/parent email, address and/or phone numbers. Our email address is
  • Depending on your availability:
    • Sell tickets for Theatre Performances
    • Collect tickets at Performances
    • Distribute programs at Performances
    • Work the concession table at Performances
    • Assist with labeling and sorting bulk mail‐outs
    • Volunteer for a committee – see listing in booklet
    • Volunteer your ideas and offer your services in your area of expertise
    • Donate/help serve food items for our Cast and Crew feedings (usually occur a day or two before opening night)
  • Donate items for concessions. The donations requested consist of:
    • Value packages of candy, cookies, chips
    • Cases of Coca‐Cola products ONLY, such as Dasani water, and canned cokes, sprites, (diet/regular), as well as other Coca‐Cola canned soft drinks.
    • Value packages of hot chocolate, cider, sugar, creamer.
    • Bottled water (any brand, SMALL bottles) for rehearsals.

We need the items above right before each of the shows listed in your performance calendar. Please bring your donations to any booster meeting or have your student deliver it to the Resource Room, located in the Theatre hallway across from the Black Box.

  • There are many additional ways in which you can help Douglas Anderson School of the Arts:
    • Support the P.T.S.A. and S.A.C. committees
    • Attend events sponsored by other arts areas
    • Stress and support academic performance and student involvement in DA
    • Stress the importance of your student raising his or her Fair Share
    • Be actively involved in your student’s education
    • Check your email, the DA website and/or the Booster Facebook page frequently for information on upcoming events, student activities, teacher contacts, important dates, and much more:

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Website:

Theatre Boosters Email Address:

Theatre Boosters Facebook Page: Douglas Anderson Theatre Boosters